Roto Tiles

Roto Tiles is a simple puzzle game for iPhone which consists of 8 tiles that change position by flipping around a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal axis. To flip a tile just slide it in the direction you want to flip it.

Corner tiles flip around their diagonal, while center tiles flip horizontally and vertically. The goal is to put the tiles in the right order in the shortest time.

You can choose between two different puzzles. In one each tile has a number from 1 to 16 and you have to put them in order. In the other you have two random numbers between 11 and 99 and you have to move the tiles so that you can see one number in the front view and the other in the back view.

By tapping the button at the bottom of the screen you flip the board to see the front or back view, and with the action button at the top right you can solve the puzzle or play a new one. After you have solved a puzzle tap on the board or use the action button to start a new game or view the top scores.

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